Life’s Great Adventure – Ed Downer

Life’s Great Adventure – Ed Downer


“A very well written and inspirational book. I bought ‘Life’s Great Adventure’ out of general interest having discovered it whilst browsing.

The focus is on the authors own journey as he develops his interest in endurance sports and mountaineering, going from Mr Average in ability to climbing the worlds highest mountain. By his own admission if he can do it so can anyone. Each chapter charts his personal development in his quest to climb the 7 highest peaks in the world and lays bare his successes, failures, learnings and growth. At the end of each chapter the author urges the reader to reflect on their own challenges and how they can be realised.

At the very least I found this book to be a thoroughly enjoyable read. As a ‘How to’ guide to get started (slowly slowly) in Mountaineering or any endurance sport no matter what your current ability I would highly recommend this as a starting point. However, use the book as it is intended and it just might change your life.” – Ed Downer

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