Life’s Great Adventure – Matt Mower

Life’s Great Adventure – Matt Mower

A kick in the seat of the pants towards pursuing your passions

“I should say up front that I have met and worked with Deri. I’ve met quite a lot of people who talk about “passion”, “purpose” and “vision” but very few who’ve actually walked the talk.

In Life’s Great Adventure you get to follow Deri on a journey of discovery about his passion, the value and folly of self-confidence, learning about fear, and doing what you believe in. In between are interspersed a lot of great, very human, storytelling (for example you’ll learn more than you ever wanted to about going to the toilet 6km up a mountain), and some searching questions that – if you let them – will really help guide you towards finding your path.

I’ve no interest in mountains but Deri’s book has certainly helped me find the foothills of my passions.” – Matt Mower

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