Deri Llewellyn-Davies

From a working-class boy in a tiny village in rural wales, to one of the world’s top performance expert and business strategist, best-selling author and international speaker, Deri is proof that it doesn’t matter where you start, but what matters is your focus and the strategies you use to get there .

From very humble beginnings Deri has worked his way up through the corporate ranks, built over 20 companies of his own and firmly established himself as one of the leading experts on business strategy and extreme performance.

Despite being told by experts that he would never complete several of his physical feast he has proved that you can do the impossible … if you simply use the right strategies.

He has helped his business clients produce an incredible 860% faster growth than the UK average.

As an adventurer and extreme sportsman, he has climbed 6 of the 7 tallest mountains in the world including an infamous feat on Mount Everest. He also completed the toughest footrace on earth, The Marathon Des Sables… a gruelling challenge that can make even the toughest men crumble, and this is just a small part of his feats.

As a speaker he has impacted tens of thousands all over the world from Vancouver to Katmandu (literally!) from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, including his hugely popular TEDx presentation.

As an entrepreneur he has built over 20 companies of his own.
He is a best-selling author of “BGI Strategy on a page” and “Life’s great adventure”. Deri is an incredible engaging writer that understands how to relate to the reader and make complex subjects simple to understand and act on.


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As UK’s top expert on extreme performance he helps his clients achieve levels of performance and energy that was previously impossible and very importantly sustaining them without burning out.

To make these achievement even more impressive Deri is a devoted father and family man. DERI believes that success is complete without having a balanced family life and time for friends and fun. That’s why he is dedicating at least 50 % of his time to family and his personal life and passions.

However, this lifestyle is not happening by accident, but because of a specific methodology and system that he learned from the most extra-ordinary people in the world and tweaked and perfected them over 2 decades. He is now proving that that anyone can implement this system and get similar results.

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Get in touch if you have some questions or want to find out more.


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