Diamond Life Design – Your Vision

Diamond Life Design – Your Vision

Diamond Life Design – Your Vision

Part 3 of the Diamond Life Design series and we’re talking vision. If you’ve missed the first 2, go back and watch them in the thread below. So, we’ve looked at what areas of life are important to us but now we need to create a vision for each of them… what does this look like to you? In this video, I give my example of adventure and what that looked like for me. But remember, this is your vision not mine (so don’t worry if running 6 marathons across the desert isn’t for you!)
Remember, you can get involved and start creating your Diamond by downloading your free copy of the Diamond Life Design Framework – your customisable Diamond that you can use to begin strategically architecting your life immediately, when you register for the free online masterclass. www.diamondlifedesign.com
In the next video, I’ll start to dig into implementing the vision. Bringing it to life and making sure it happens…


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