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Deri is one of those special people that speaks from more than just knowledge, but an experience that can be matched by very few. He has run over 20 of his own businesses, advising over 300 boards, and completed some of the most daring physical challenges in the world, like climbing 6 of the 7 highest mountains in the world including an infamous feat on mount Everest and the toughest footrace on earth.

And to make this even more extraordinary, because he is flatfooted and asthmatic, he was told by experts that we would never be able to do any extreme or long-distance sports.

Like few other speakers, Deri truly speaks with authority and he brings his audiences deep, but practical insights that leaves a lasting impact.

Over 20 years he has developed 3 unique methodologies to help leaders and ambitious people achieve remarkable levels of growth and performance.




His Strategy on a PageTM methodology, from his best-selling book, demystifies strategic concepts and enable audiences to leave with simple, practical and highly actionable principles they can apply immediately. The Strategy on a page has had an incredible track record with clients growing 860% faster than UK average.”

Diamond Life DesignTM

Diamond Life DesignTM is based on Deri’s deep studies of the most exceptional people in the world that are doing the seemingly impossible. Diamond Life Design is a framework to create an exceptional life, being able to balance high levels of achievement with ample time for personal passions.

Limitless YouTM

The Limitless YouTM methodology gives a clear road map to sustainable extreme performance and personal achievement without burnout or losing yourself in the process.

Having spoken all over the world from Vancouver to Katmandu (literally!) from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, including his hugely popular TEDx presentation, Deri understands cultural differences and can adapt to different industries and sizes of businesses.

He holds the coveted title of “Fellow” of the Professional Speakers Association, keynoting at the national conference (twice), and proud member of the Global Speakers Federation, recently speaking at the global conference.

His content not only motivates and inspires but leaves audience with tools and insights that create lasting results, long after the event is over.

Below you will see Deri’s 3 signature talks that can be adapted to a wide range of audiences



How to out-perform even the best without burning out.

In this talk, extreme performance expert Deri Llewellyn-Davies shares some of the newest insights to perform and succeed at ever higher levels in a more and more demanding world. He draws on his experience of completing the most extraordinary physical feats and helping hundreds of companies outperform their competitors, as well as the newest science in the field.

Deri delivers the talk in a highly engaging way and shares a game-plan based on his unique Limitless You™ Methodology with simple practical steps anyone can follow to achieve more success and balance in their career and life.


  • How to stay motivated and focused in the face of defeat.
  • The secret to creating momentum and most importantly sustaining it.
  • How to avoid burning out. Secrets from super achievers that live balanced lives. Without this element, burnout is practically unavoidable for any top achiever.
  • New science and technology that can give you an edge and help you perform for longer.
  • Developing a mindset that makes you unstoppable.
  • How to develop sustained high energy to complete demanding tasks.
  • The most surprising insights from the world’s extreme achievers.


Finally a simple way to understand how it’s possible for extreme achievers to consistently perform at unusually high levels.

Attendees will leave with a renewed belief that even they can perform and achieve at much higher levels. They will feel inspired knowing they have a way to create consistently high energy to complete their big projects and goals.  They will get clear instructions and simple steps they can implement in their life and business immediately to create extreme performance levels consistently.


30-90 minute keynote


Easy-to-implement productivity secrets from the world’s most extreme achievers.

From two decades of exploration, and working with the world’s most exceptional achievers, Deri has identified 7 key behaviours that separate the highly productive super-achievers from the norm who are overworked, overwhelmed and burnt out. Implementing these 7 keys will results in instant increase in productivity with less effort and stress.


  • The key to laser focus, even in face of major distractions.
  • The 2 most important factors to stop procrastination.
  • The key areas to focus on to have world-class productivity.
  • How to stay motivated even when your surroundings are in turmoil.
  • The most powerful insights to extraordinary self-discipline.
  • How extreme achievers really think.


The audience will get an insight into how the world’s most extreme achievers operate and take away practical and easy-to-implement steps to significantly increase focus and productivity while decreasing overwhelm, stress and distractions.  They will leave inspired and with a set of tools to handle situations that would normally have derailed their productivity and focus in the past.


30-90 minutes Keynote


How to find your strategic advantage


In this talk, one of UK’s top authorities of business strategies Deri Llewellyn-Davies, shares his experience from advising over 300 boards and helping hundreds of companies outperform their competitors.

He has distilled the essence of a successful strategy down to just one page and help you make the complex simple and actionable.

Deri delivers this talk in a highly engaging way and shares a simple system for how to find the strategy that’s going to give your company a competitive edge and invigorate your whole organization.


  • The Growth strategies of extreme performance companies.
  • How to find your strategic advantage
  • How to make your strategy so simple it can fit on one page.
  • How to get the whole organization to understand and buy into your strategy.
  • Counter intuitive insights from advising over 300 boards.


Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of how to simplify a business strategy so the whole organization can understand, but more importantly buy into it and act on it.

Attendees will leave with actionable tools and insights that will set them apart from the competition. They will get clear instructions and simple steps they can implement in their life and business immediately.


70-90 minute keynote


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